Soffit by Crane


Our soffits are made to provide maintenance-free beauty for porch ceilings, eaves and overhangs. They come in styles to complement the full range of Crane siding. Choose from standard, premium and decorative soffits, in solid and vented designs - all in a soft-brushed finish that goes with any woodgrain. Crane soffits are the perfect answer to one of the most difficult maintenance challenges on any home.

Premium Pointe Soffit

  • Triple 3 1/3”
  • Added thickness for increased rigidity and strength
  • Perfect for long runs and porch ceilings
  • Available in solid and concealed vented styles

Beaded Soffit

  • 6” Beaded (available in Aspen White only)
  • Authentic architectural detailing
  • Ideal for exterior wainscoting
  • Available in solid an concealed vented styles


Double 5” Soffit

  • Sharp, crisp angles provide strength and rigidity
  • Wide selection, including 13 popular colors
  • Available in solid and fully perforated styles

Air Flo Soffit

  • Designed for proper ventilation to reduce energy costs and lengthen roof life
  • Engineered for strength
  • Wide selection of popular colors
  • Available in Triple 4” solid, center and fully vented styles