Windows - R&L Siding & Windows Reflections by Simonton




Concealed stainless steel coil springs open and close R&L Siding & Windows LLC Reflections windows with ease and will never rust, corrode or need adjustment. The Denny Clip pivot system keeps the sash in perfect alignment at all times and allows the sash to tilt in for easy cleaning. Streamlined Air Loks allow sash to remain slightly open for partial ventilation. In addition, vinyl frames and sash will never need painting.



Windows Operations


  • Easy Cleaning

  • Sash Raise Smoothly and Evenly

  • Easy lifting and Sliding

  • Tilt-in/Lift-out Sash

  • Allows Partial Ventilation

  • Adjustment-Free Balance System

  • No Scraping, Sanding, or Painting




Frame and sash are fusion welded. Side jambs are stepped to eliminate direct airflow paths inside the home. The Simonton Sill provides faster water runoff and the Secure Seal meeting rail features an interwoven design to ensure a tight center seal. Secure Nest cam locks pull sash together tightly. In addition, low-profile cam locks are positioned behind elevated color-matched glazing, providing virtually unobstructed glass sight lines.



Water and Airflow Control


  • Most solid Construction Available

  • 24 Weather Guard Contact Points

  • No Direct Airfiltration Paths

  • Virtually Unobstructed Sight Lines

  • Faster Water Runoff


In winther, Simonton's revolutionary low emissivity, 1" double-strength "Sensor Glass" package senses heated energy currents and bounces them back into the home while allowing warming rays from the sun to pass through--reducing heating costs. In summer. Sensor Glass retains cooled air inside the home to lower cooling costs. The solid silicone foam spacer, 3/4" sash penetration, and optimum 3/4" airspace filled with Aragon gas reduce convection and conduction rates to all time lows. In addition, Sensor Glass is backed by a lifetime accidental breakage warranty.


1 ) Window Styles
Your windows add curb appeal and can draw attention to your home. Take a good look at both the inside and outside of the window. Does it provide the look you want? Does it match the style of your home?

2 ) Energy Efficiency
Check out weatherstripping, Low-E coatings and argon gas-filled options. All of these combine to make the window more energy efficient. These windows earn an ENERGY STAR® label, which is supported by the Environmental Protection Agency and the Department of Energy. 

3 ) Ease of Operation
Test the windows in the store and compare them to the competition. Double hung windows should be easy to tilt without struggling. Casements should crank fully open, easily and quietly. 

4 ) Style
Choose a window available in many different styles so you're sure to find the right option for each room. Double hung, bow, bay and casement styles offer distinctive functions and benefits. 

5 ) Creativity
Preview the complete line as well as the company's suggestions for combining windows. You'll want to create unique configurations and add your personal touch.