Portmouth Shake- by Crane



The process of hand splitting cedar shingles produces a beautiful, rustic texture in each individual piece. Hand-Split Portsmouth Shake® has the same rough-hewn presence and intense shadows as hand-split wood, providing immense interest and dimension



Details can bring beauty, order and balance to your home. And tell a lot about who you really are. Shingles and shakes create visual interest unlike any other exterior surface. Portsmouth Shake® can add dimension, tie gables and other elements into your overall design, or provide a dramatic contrast to stone or clapboard



Performance Features
      •   Warmly handsome grain patterned from real cedar shake
   •  Seamless design
   •  No Painting, no scraping. Virtually no maintenance.
   •  Assurance™ Fastening System for secure, precise installation
   •  Superior impact, fade and warp resistance
 Wind resistant up to 160 mph
 Lifetime Limited Warranty



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