Revere Cedarwood steel siding so closely resembles genuine cedar that it's difficult to tell them apart. The secret is in our naturally random wood-grain pattern. Utilizing a patented Color Fusion coating process, each panel of Cedarwood features authentic wood-like texture and multitoned color. It looks as natural as the trees in the forest but with the superior strength and endurance of steel.

Hailstorms, frigid temperatures, blasting winds, and searing sun -- Revere steel siding can take anything Mother Nature can dish out. Your home will be soundly protected by a tough steel shield.

Resilient Color  

Fluropon, a specially formulated Kynar 500 coating, provides an exceptionally long-lasting finish that will resist staining, mildew and dirt. It also is warranted against excessive chalking or color change for 25 years. Your siding will retain its fresh appearance for generations to come.

Just a simple rinse with your garden hose will remove most airborne dust and dirt.

Cedarwood siding is available in a variety of profiles to suit the individual style and character of your home. Choose from 8" or Double 4" Clapboard. 

 Color Palette

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